2020-03-29 Sunday Service (Video)

Responding to COVID-19 Series

A Lesson on social distancing and love

Welcome. As we all practice social distancing we want to stay connected as we join in worship, praise and learning about our Wondrous Lord and Savior.

Worship Music preformed by our music ministry team.

Faley Worship Team

Sermon for March 29, 2020

Doxology, Scripture reading, Teaching, and Lord’s Prayer

Note: Yes the audio is not centered in both speakers. Just pretend you are sitting on one side of the church. I will work to fix your seat for next week.

2020-03-08 A Church With Lots Of Problems

1 Corinthians 13 – Pastor Andrew Edmonds

Note about this recording

This recording was rerecorded because the first attempt fail to create a complete audio file. This recording has the same content but those who heard it live will notice this version does not include Andrew’s demonstration of his musical talents.

Recordings of our Adult Sunday sermons include biblical text that may puzzle younger ears.