After I Believe

Becoming a Follower of Jesus

  • Remember that becoming the person God wants you to be takes time. Being a genuine follower of Jesus is a process. You are immediately reconciled to God, but you are embarking on a lifetime of being transformed from the inside out.
  • Talk to someone who follows Jesus.
  • Join with other followers in a larger group for worship and in a small group for growth, encouragement, and accountability.
  • Read God’s Word. Beginning with the Gospel of Mark or John is a good place to start. You can find great FREE resources at or
  • Pray – take time to talk to God every day. Talk with him as you work, study, drive, eat, and walk.
  • Discover the gifts the Holy Spirit has given you and develop opportunities to use them to serve other believers and to reach those who have yet to believe.
  • Find natural ways to share your faith with others
  • If you’ve never been baptized, this is a sacred act God invites us to share in as a symbol of our sins being washed away and our lives being reunited with God and God’s people.

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