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The items we make available on this page are offered as a convenience and are copyrighted. We ask that they be used only in a respectful way.

Recent Sunday Messages:

Below we list recordings of our Adult Sunday sermons that include biblical text that may puzzle younger ears.

Family Sunday items below may reword things when the biblical text contains topics younger ears may have little experience with.

2020-01-12 A Church With Lots Of Problems - 1 Corinthians 7:29-35 - Pastor Andrew Edmonds
2020-01-05 Finding Jesus in an Ordinary World - Luke 2: Finding Jesus in an Ordinary World. Guest Speaker John Faley
2019-12-29 Priorities for a New Year - "Luke 2: Priorities for a New Year" Guest Speaker: Steve McClanahan.

Previous Recordings

List of Recent Sunday Sermon recordings

Note that some recordings are no longer available. Use the contact us link to inquire about earlier recording dates if the sermon date is not listed on this page.