Family Days

“Family Days” are organized services (typically the first Sunday of the Month, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Good Friday, Easter Sunday…) when the church celebrates communion or other special occasions. On Family Days, our entire congregation, including kids and youth, worship together. Family Days are an intentional part of the discipleship process, as we believe it is important for children to worship with their families, build intergenerational relationships, and gain a sound understanding of the traditional, church experience.

These events are structured to embrace and include the younger generations all throughout the services. Children learn to serve as they are included in greeting, ushering, leading worship, and reading scripture. In addition, our messages are delivered in a family friendly manner that is designed to invite kids and teens to engage in the experience in a participatory way.

Our Family Days are designed to bring families together, teaching us to worship and grow as One.

We hope you’ll join us!