Children’s Ministry

Family-based Discipleship 

At Faith Community Church, we believe children’s ministry is a family endeavor.  It takes a church to raise a child!  This means discipleship begins primarily with the parents of kids, then moves outwards to members of the Christian family, including our incredible team of volunteers.  For this reason, our Sunday services emphasize worshipping as a family before having the kids go downstairs for age-appropriate lessons.  We also work hard to empower parents with family packets explaining what our kids are learning about, as well as suggested discussion questions and activities aimed at facilitating conversations between parents and their kids all week long.  Our greatest desire is to see families talking about and learning about God together.

This is also why we have Family Sundays, the first Sunday of each month.  On these Sundays, kids stay in the service the whole time, but are actively engaged in intergenerational music, dramas, videos, and the celebration of communion.  Kids and youth are also welcome to be part of the ministry team for these Sundays, learning how to serve by leading worship, greeting visitors, passing the offering plates, etc.  These are special times for young and old alike to rub shoulders and grow alongside of each other in the family of God.

Special Events 

We also believe that sometimes kids just need to have a separate time and space to cut loose and have fun.  That’s why we’ve developed a regular calendar of special kids’ activities including Kids’ Night Out, the Haunted Church, Easter Egg Hunts, Vacation Bible Fun, and summer kids retreats.   These are opportunities for kids to hang out with each other, play games, and have fun in a safe environment.  We encourage our kids to invite their friends to these activities and will regularly promote them to our greater community as well.

We’re here to serve you

Lastly, our staff is eager to support and serve the families in our community.  We know it’s not easy raising kids in today’s world, but that’s why God has given us the gift of the church.  If there’s anything we can do to help you in raising your kids to be healthy, successful, life-long followers of Jesus, please don’t hesitate to call or ask.  We may not have all the answers, but at the very least we will be there to walk alongside of you in this great adventure called parenting.

If you are interested in volunteering, participating in our scheduled activities, or would like additional information on Children’s Ministry at Faith Community Church, please contact the church at 206-542-8883 or email at