Meet John Faley

Faley 2019

John Faley,

Worship Music


John and his wife, Tanya, met while singing in church and have continued to sing together ever since.  They currently live in Shoreline with their 2 kids, just a few blocks away from the church.  

     The Faleys have been leading the Worship Ministry at Faith Community Church since 2011, and have had the chance to play and sing with many team members along the way.  

     Recording worship music has been a big part of their family experience for many years. Their love for God and for helping others join in worship has been at the heart of their ministry.  Their style of using a mix of traditional, new, and old songs comes out of an understanding that there is no such thing as the “right” song or the “right” worship style.   Worship isn’t about the music; it’s about expressing our love of God through song, in a way that is authentic and not concerned as much about the style as the substance.

     While not at church, the Faley’s love cooking (and eating), going for walks to enjoy the beauty of God’s amazing creation, and hanging out reading books with their dog Hollister (he doesn’t read, he just naps).